Writing Articles As a Cost-Effective Web Advertising Technique

Through Google’s keyword suggestion application, you might start to see the millions of searches completed on a certain keyword. Whenever these types of search phrases are entered in search boxes of search engines like google, listed sites containing articles or blog posts using all those search phrases will be displayed. And this is what leads visitors to sites with keyword-rich content. Indeed, the magic word is content. Search Engine optimization services are a great way to ask about what content would be best to rank in these search engines. Hawaii SEO companies are on the rise because of the demand in such services.

Content is king

You can say that again. That’s why writing content is actually one of the most utilised Internet marketing techniques nowadays. Internet users simply can not get enough details on a variety of subjects. Providing information via these content is a straightforward way to push hot visitors to your own web website and make money online. Keep in mind that content is not the only ranking factor. On-page SEO and off-page SEO are still a big factor.

Why is this so? Allow me to share the advantages that writing content can offer your Internet business.


1. It is absolutely totally free.

Too good to be real? Certainly not, although you should steer clear of programs such as My Push Button Profits which will steer you straight down the wrong course. Okay, you might have to pay for the Internet Service Company. That’s it. All you will need is your thoughts, your computer, and your hands. If you have all those, absolutely nothing can prevent you from typing words that may allow you to complete that post for your website. Which aspect of that method did you truly spend any funds? Maybe later when your electric bills arrive.

2. Your website might be noticed in a short period of time.

Submit that post of your own to article sites that get the most web traffic and very quickly your web website will be crawled. That’s if you do not neglect to incorperate your authors bio box or byline.

3. Get inbound links automatically.

Whenever you distribute your content to directories, at times other sites might make use of your post as well. With the copyright terms of your content, the link to your website will still be intact and can consequently direct much more traffic to your website.

4. Enhance your good reputation.

As an Internet marketer or a Search engine optimisation expert, when you simply show your products or services on your website, you will not have a very good conversion rate. The conversion process is when your traffic converts to sales. You have to show that you are knowledgeable in your area. And what finer way to show that than by writing content that will give you some bragging rights, right?

Just make your creativity stream and make note of or maybe key in on all those ideas rapidly to step up your web content writing energy. With all those benefits listed above, you will want to continue to keep publishing just as much as you can.


Turning Your Visitors into Leads

A website is more than an electronic business card these days and rightfully so.  If you are a business owner you are probably trying to reach out to the millions online and promote your products or services through search engine optimization, PPC or social media.  In order to do this you not only have to get your website in front of people, you need to have a site that demonstrates good conversion tactics as well.  All of these tips can be implemented by any Web Design Company or Developer without much effort.

The Beginning Steps

As more and more businesses work with SEO companies, you will need to make sure you have a proper seo campaign in place.  Once you have reached the first page of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) you will start getting traffic to your website.  The important thing is having a good analytics program so you can analyze your visitors and their actions on your site.  I would recommend Google Analytics as it is easy to follow, comprehensive and FREE!

Now that you have traffic to your site and analytics to see what patterns develop it is time to start trying to turn your visitors into leads.  Here are some helpful conversion tactics used by many internet marketing companies to help produce more leads for their clients:

1.) Visible Phone Number

Have you ever had to search for a phone number on their website?  One of the most common mistakes business owners make is relying on their visitors to go to the “Contact Us” page.  You should have a visible phone number on all pages of your website and not in the footer.  We always use the header to display our client’s phone number and address.

2.) Large Headings

Can you remember the last time you read a full story or article online? Most searchers today skim to locate what they are looking for and will then decide if they want to continue reading.  Make large headings like a newspaper that describe what the paragraphs below are about.  If your visitors cannot easily find what they are looking for they will leave which will certainly not develop into a lead.

3.) Include a lot of Images

Along with the short headings that describe what your content is about, images do the same thing.  As an impatient society we love to get our information (ASAP).  If we can avoiding reading altogether even better! It is important to appease the picture readers too!

4.) Give Visitors a place to Sign Up

Don’t forget your visitors need a place to volunteer their information!  We use sign up forms for estimates or more information frequently on our web pages.  Remember to keep your form simple, if you create any hesitation for the visitor such as a long form you will lose the lead.  Get the bare minimum information and follow up with other helpful information you will need.  Forms are really only for one purpose and that is to get the contact information of your visitor.  This is your LEAD.

5.) List the Benefits

Keeping in mind that visitors like to scan, use bullet points to list the benefits of your products of services.  Sometimes a short list can be the answer your visitors are looking for.  An example being if a visitor is looking for a certain product that includes a certain aspect.  If all they know is they want a widget that weights X then that is what they are going to look for.  Listing specs of an item is also a good conversion tactic!

Often times people want to get all of the information and this is just not necessary.  Online users know that information can be lost or stolen online so take that fear away.  A simple form with “Name” – “Email” – “Location” – “More Details” is all you need to contact them.  Once you get them by phone or email they will tell you all you need to know!

6.) Appease All Search Engines

Can you remember the last site you were on that didn’t load properly?  Probably not because as soon as that happened you clicked “Back” and found a new site that loaded properly.  It is important to work with your web developer and make sure your site pulls up properly on all the different versions of each major SE.

7.) Remove Uncertainty

The process of turning a visitor into a lead is pretty easy, build up your credibility and provide the information or a solution to what they are looking for and you will get the lead.  Uncertainty will stop the whole process on a dime.  Try and use pictures of your staff or sales team, add your credentials or awards as well as any organizations your company belongs to to help build credibility.  BBB logos, top of the town certificates or other awards your company has one will help a visitor feel they can trust you and your company.

8.) Everyone likes A Movie

I’m not recommending putting an hour long film on your website but a 45 second commercial is perfect!  For the non-readers out there it is always a good idea to have a video sales pitch as well.  Not only will this help keep  the visitors on your site to help with bounce rate, it will also build a little credibility as well.

9.) Cross Out Prices

You will be surprised how often a $99 – Now $79 will help you make your sale.  By crossing out a price the visitor instantly knows they are getting a deal.  To be honest it doesn’t even have to be a deal, just cross out a higher price than what yours actually is.

10.) Remember the “F” Pattern

I am not talking about the flying V from Mighty Ducks, i’m talking about the pattern people use to read. We start at the top left and go across and make our way down the page.  The top left is the hottest real estate on your page.  Make sure to include your important information down the left side of your page.  There has been a ton of eye tracking experiments done to back this up. Below shows the eye at work on different types of copy on a website.

The main reason we have a website is to trap leads for our business.

It is important to decide what the main purpose of each of your pages on your site and then figure out what and how to stress that information.  Understanding your audience and what their needs are will ultimately help you satisfy them.  Use your analytics and see what pages are being hit the most, what pages your visitors are viewed the longest and take advantage of the traffic.  Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to get more leads out of your website, even without increasing the number of visitors.


Tracking your visitor conversion in your website

A couple of years ago we attended a social networking speaking engagement, it was given by a local public relations company here in Maui. Of course I was excited to attend as I had only opened my Twitter account about six months previous to the event and I wanted to get some ideas on how to use this new tool more effectively. At the time I had been reading about social networking and really trying to figure out how to track the results from my efforts, but I had no real idea how to do this except look at the referrals from Twitter or Facebook to my website.

So, anyway, the talk about social networking that we attended… there was an entire panel of experts from this public relations company (no need to mention names here), so needless to say I was impressed. There was a social networking expert, press release expert, public relations expert and a search engine optimization expert all present to address the audience and the questions about social networking (wait… this was supposed to be a post about Analytics, right?). You could imagine how impressive all of this might have seemed, except when one member of the audience asked one question. This one question stopped the whole show. I cannot recall who it was, although I can recall she was self-employed. She simply asked, “With the investment that I would make into social networking, how will I measure ‘return on investment’?” With this the entire panel seemed stumped. They could not answer her question and unfortunately they were only half way into the seminar or talk they had planned. The rest of the speaking engagement went awry from this point forward as they had all lost credibility in the eyes of the audience and it was simply brutal to say the least.

A couple of days ago, Google Analytics released Multi-channel funnels to all analytics accounts. With multi-channel funnels you will no more accurately be able to evaluate each step in process of conversion. So, you will be able to isolate different campaigns, keywords and obtain direct and indirect impact on goals that you have set in your Analyics account. So for example, found site through search engine, signed up for weekly newsletter, came back to site through Twitter and so on. The first step is to sign up for Goals in Google Analytics if you haven’t already started.

One of the biggest questions that I get from website owners is, “How will I know if the visitor coming to my website are actually converting into leads?” The answer is something that we plan on posting more about in future posts; However, to break into some simple tactics to track conversion, setting Goals in Google’s Analytics would be an excellent place to start. Without any kind of tracking on the actions taking place on your website it is easy to dismiss new business that actually might be coming through your website.

With the Goals function you will have the ability to track purchases, track sign ups for your monthly or weekly newsletter and much more.